Keel Laid


Launched 11/30/63
Commissioned 8/26/64
Arrive Submarine Recycling Program 10/1/94
Decommissioned 2/9/95
Completed  Submarine Recycling Program 10/13/95



The USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN 634) is gone now.  I'm sure we all have memories of our time spent below her decks that will last us a life time.


The following pages contain photo's from my years as a NavET onboard the USS Stonewall Jackson Combined and Blue Crews from 1979-1984.  As well as a section for the photos I receive From our Shipmates.  I hope they will bring back some pleasant memories for you. 


So come onboard and take a look around.  I think you'll enjoy the trip down memory lane.  

While you're here don't forget to leave a family gram for your shipmates to let them know you are still around.


I have also added an onsite forum, for those that have a lot to say or want to get a little conversation going or maybe you just need an answer to a question.


Go ahead be brave, let's hear what you have to say about your time onboard the Stoney J or just about anything else on your mind.  On top of that I appreciate the feedback.



If anyone else would like to share their old photos from their time onboard, I will gladly create new headings and post them for you.  The Stoney J was around for 31 years, I know there are more photos somewhere hidden in your closets.  Your old photos are new to the rest of us and we would really like to see them.  The last time I checked there were more than NavEt's and A Ganger's onboard.  So let's hear from the rest of you.  When I receive enough photos from the various divisions I'll start new pages for each. So check back every so often to see what's new.   Email them to me in the jpg format or contact me and we can make arrangements for me to scan the photos and return them to you.


I would also like to thank Nathan Bigger for adding a link to this page from his phenomenal website.  

You can follow the links on his website for hours. 

If you haven't done so, be sure to add your name to his All Time Crew List.



Tim Hicks

Ex ET2/SS 634B - 1979-1984

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